The Importance of Shape AND Size in Buttock Augmentation

Published on December 19, 2016

Buttock augmentation, also called Brazilian butt lift, is when fat is removed from one place on the body by liposuction and transferred to the buttock.  This operation demands more than just making the buttock larger…it must also be shapely.

The key to a successful outcome is the proper balance of Fat removal and Fat grafting.

Steps of Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Step 1- Patient Markings

Before entering the operating room, I mark the areas where fat will be obtained.  This is done in an artistic way to improve overall appearance and shape.  The next area marked is the location where the buttock fat grafts will be injected.  The exact location will be determined by the patient’s specific anatomy and desires.

Step 2- Fat Removal with Liposuction

Fat is harvested from areas that have excess fat.  Very commonly the waist, abdomen, and thighs are used.  By narrowing the waist, the buttock shape is improved.

The use of PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) and dilute local anesthesia is used to more easily remove fat through small incisions.

Step 3- Fat Processing

With special sterile collection devices, the fat is collected, washed, and isolated from the other components of liposuction.

Step 4- Fat Grafting

The processed fat is then transferred to syringes for injection into specific areas of the buttock in order to achieve the desired shape and size.

Step 5- Recuperation

In the first few days, mild to moderate pain is normal and is controlled with pain medication.

You are encouraged not to sit on your buttock for a prolonged period.  The pressure caused by prolonged sitting can damage the newly grafted fat cells.  In the first 4-6 weeks, when you must sit, we encourage you to use a pillow roll behind your upper thighs in order to minimize pressure on the buttock.

Step 6- Results

The changes in shape and size of your buttock can be immediately seen; however, the final result will not be determined until 6-12 months after surgery.  Some of the initial volume will fade due to resolution of swelling and fat absorption.  Your buttock volume will also change with weight gain or loss. Sometimes secondary fat grafting is desired for more volume.  This operation is associated with a high satisfaction rate.

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