A Body Lift Gives You a Fit and Toned Figure

Published on June 1, 2018

Sagging skin and fatty deposits can make a person’s figure look uneven and out of proportion. Loose skin folds are a normal part of the aging process; as the skin loses its elasticity, it begins to sag. Loose skin can also result from excessive weight loss, surgeries, and pregnancy.

Fortunately, you don’t need to live with a body profile you don’t like. Instead, you can opt for a body lift to sculpt your figure.

The Body Lift

A body lift is a procedure used to improve the skin’s structure and remove fatty deposits from the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. The procedure tones and tightens the entire lower body with a single surgery. The extent of the surgery may differ from person to person; one patient may require more work on their abdomen, while another may need more work on their thighs.

This is an ideal procedure for those with drooping skin in several areas due to aging, childbirth, sun exposure, weight fluctuations, or hereditary factors. If you are in good health, there is typically no reason why you can’t have the surgery to improve your body profile.

What to Expect

At the start of the body-lift procedure, the patient is placed under general anesthesia to keep the patient comfortable. Dr. Glassman will decide on the placement of incisions as best suited for the patient’s unique case.

Once the incisions are made, Dr. Glassman works on the skin, fat, and muscles to tighten the tissues and remove excess tissues. Deep sutures are also placed inside the tissues to support the new structure. At the end of the procedure, the skin is redraped and sutures are placed to close the incisions.

The Recovery Process

Dr. Glassman will advise you on the post-operative care steps you will need to take for proper recovery. During the recovery period after your body lift, Dr. Glassman will recommend refraining from strenuous activities such as sports and heavy exercise.

Post-surgical bruising and swelling will be present. Use of a compression garment will be extremely helpful for speeding up the healing process and reducing swelling. A few days after the surgery, short walks will be helpful to manage the body’s recovery. Within four to six weeks, you may be able to resume your normal routine.


You will be able to see results of your body lift immediately after the surgery. Your body will be sculpted and have more defined contours. Once the post-surgical swelling subsides, the results will be more noticeable. If you maintain a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to retain the results of the surgery for life.

Your Consultation

During a consultation, you’ll discuss the procedure and your expectations clearly and openly with Dr. Lawrence Glassman, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon. He will examine your body and your skin laxity, and he will consider your medical history. Taking all of this information into account, he will determine if a body lift is right for you.

To schedule your helpful body-lift consultation at our office, contact us today and arrange an appointment.

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