Benefits of a Radiesse Treatment

Published on September 23, 2016

If you are looking for a procedure that gets rid of those wrinkles, folds, facial lines, and other signs of aging, you should consider a Radiesse procedure. This treatment is well-known for its long-lasting effects and results that are truly amazing.

This injectable filler treatment is FDA-approved and corrects scars and wrinkles in the skin, thereby restoring you to your youthful and blemish-free appearance. Here are some benefits of having a Radiesse treatment:

1. Long-Lasting: This is undoubtedly one of Radiesse’s most important benefits. After your treatment, the benefits are seen for a very long time, up to year or sometimes even longer. This means that you do not have to waste time on regular visits due to short-term results. Not only that, the effects of Radiesse are also noticed from the very first time that you undergo treatment.

2. Natural composition: The ingredients that go into Radiesse are all-natural. It is biocompatible and contains no allergens, which ensures that you won’t have to worry about any allergies or reactions. Needless to say, the absence of toxic substances makes this treatment very safe on your body. This FDA-approved formula is composed of calcium microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel. As calcium is a natural substance that is available in the human body, your body will not react harshly to the treatment.

3. No surgery involved: This treatment does not involve any form of incision in the skin. It is very minimally invasive, and any discomfort is minimal. No incisions means that patients do not have to worry about infections or the effects of anesthesia. Because it is minimally invasive, you will not have to worry about any recovery time or wound healing.

4. The results are natural-looking: This is another reason why Radiesse is such an excellent treatment. The procedure involves internally correcting your creases through the addition of volume to the tissues. As a result, you will not have to deal with an artificial-looking appearance, as your skin will look naturally youthful. After just a few treatments, your skin will appear fuller and softer. The treatment also encourages the healthy development of facial tissues, thereby enhancing your appearance naturally.

5. As the filler vanishes, collagen is built: As the supportive calcium microspheres gradually disappear from the skin tissues, new collagen is being produced to add elasticity and support to the skin. As a result, you won’t find yourself dealing with a reduction in the fullness and softness of your skin for quite some time. This makes Radiesse an excellent option for you if you are looking for something that will provide consistent results.

The treatment will be done in a medical setting under the supervision of medical experts. It does not take much time, and patients are able to go home in minutes following the procedure.

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