Tighten Loose Ab Muscles and More

Published on March 28, 2017

Unhappy with the flab around your midsection? If your stomach’s looking too big despite your workout sessions, you may have drooping ab muscle tissue. Excess fat and skin are also common problems. For a solution, may people consider the tummy tuck.

A protruding stomach is a problem faced by even those with normal weight or body mass index (BMI). The reasons can include heredity, age, hormonal changes, and certain health conditions such as thyroid problems.

The tummy tuck, also called the abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can correct the protrusion of the stomach. It can get rid of backaches and pains that are a result of the poor tone of the abdomen. With a loose tummy that has multiple folds, yeast or bacterial infections are very common. So with the tummy tuck, you are getting rid of more than just the excess baggage.

What Are the Steps Involved in the Tummy Tuck?

For a full understanding of how the procedure works, it’s best to meet with a plastic surgeon during a consultation. Certain blood tests or diagnostics may be recommended by your doctor prior to the surgery.

The following are the steps of a full tummy tuck procedure:

• Anesthesia will be administered. During your consultation, your doctor will recommend the type of anesthesia that would be best suited for your procedure.
• After the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will make a horizontal incision from hipbone to hipbone. A second incision will be made to separate the navel from the skin surrounding it.
• The skin layer will be lifted, and the muscles in the abdomen will be repaired and tightened. Excess fatty tissue will be removed. The excess skin covering the abdomen will then be trimmed away.
• After the excess skin is removed, the upper abdominal skin will be pulled down. Any excess will be trimmed again.
• The incisions will be closed using medical stitches.

The Recovery Process

Recovery from tummy tuck surgery can take anywhere between one and four weeks. Your doctor may advise you to not lift heavy weights during the recovery phase, as this has the potential to cause complications.

An abdominal support or binder is usually recommended to help with healing. The binder helps in keeping down swelling and aids in shaping the new abdomen. The results – a flatter, tighter tummy – are visible after one to two weeks from the date of the surgery.

Why Should I Consider the Tummy Tuck?

If you are a healthy man or woman, a tummy tuck is absolutely safe for you. A tummy tuck is suitable for people with a normal weight and a protruding tummy and for those who are obese.

Getting rid of tummy fat is known to lower the risk of chronic diseases including diabetes and can cure conditions like back pain and leg cramps as well. The procedure is also a gift for women who have had multiple pregnancies and wish to tighten the sagging muscles in the abdomen.

Arrange a Consultation

Dr. Lawrence Glassman, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, is the best choice for your next procedure. To get started with your tummy tuck, contact our office and schedule a consultation.

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