Published on July 10, 2018

Dear Dr. Glassman,

My thank you is long past due/

Years ago, when i was considering plastic surgery, as with any patient, I waned the best. I received several recommendations from doctors, and for each recommendation I researched medical school attended, professional affiliations, practicing hospitals, accreditation, experience, reputation, as well as whether the surgeons also taught surgeons. Once i read your bio, regardless to say, you were among the “best of the best”.

What I didnt expect was meeting a brilliant capable surgeon that is also genuine, caring, patient (with a capital P”, humble, warm – and i could go on and on with your so many admirable attributes. You explained in detail the several procedures I had, set clear expectations, answered my hundreds of questions and never rushed me. Your literature clearly explained everything. The time you gave me at appointments validated the importance you place upon your patients’ individual needs. Your office staff and operating room nurses are both highly capable and extremely compassionate.

The fear of surgery is inherent. The fear of what I’d look like was a huge unknown. Seeing so many women with unnatural and over-corrected surgery is extremely disconcerting. You explained that the goal is to achieve a natural look, while correcting the effects of the aging process. Both times you operated on me (eight years ago and a few weeks ago) the results face exceeded my expectations.

Thank you for achieving such a natural look. I just love people telling me that i must have, “Drank from the fountain of youth”. Thank you for the many many compliments I received.

I know I am not saying anything different from any of your many patients. Nonetheless, I want to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to you.

My trust in you is unquestionale. I thank you dearly for being “you”

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