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How “Smart” is your lipo?

Published on March 15, 2015

Liposuction is one of the most common, as well one of the most commonly misunderstood cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Liposuction, or suction assisted lipectomy (SAL) as it is also known, allows a surgeon to contour a patient’s shape

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To fill or not to fill…?

Published on March 1, 2015

Cosmetic surgery should not be "a shot in the dark" Recent news of the medical woes of a number of cosmetic surgery patients has cast a spotlight on the increasingly popular use of fillers for cosmetic augmentation. While the use

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The Over/Under Debate

Published on March 1, 2015

When undergoing breast augmentation there are a number of choices which need to be made: saline or silicone? Implant size: Larger or smaller? Incision location? One of the most commonly debated choices is that of implants placement: subglandular vs. submuscular?

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